Grow Marijuana: What Is Topping

What Is Topping?

What’s topping? If you enjoy learning about how to grow cannabis or want to increase yields, check out topping. Because it’s easy to understand and get started, it will improve most grow situations.

You’ll see that with minimal effort you could increase your crop significantly.

We have an overview of the topping technique to get you pointed in the right direction.

What Is Topping?

Topping is a cultivation technique that cannabis growers use because it creates more flowers. These techniques are called training because you’re influencing the way the plant grows.

Cannabis grows in the shape it does because it is the most efficient. Wild cannabis generally grows in tightly packed conditions. Seeds fall near the mother plant and sprout up around, creating a cannabis forest.

When we bring plants inside and control the growing environment, we can teach our plants to grow in a new shape. Because they aren’t tracking the outside sun which moves, one towering bloom isn’t the best use of energy anymore.

With topping, growers snip off top growth to promote additional buds. It’s like FIMing, but slightly modified.

Topping a cannabis enables multiple cola growth by reshaping the plant. Through topping, a grower is able to increase the number of colas which results in more prized buds to sell. This happens because, in part, more light can reach the plant.

By absorbing more light the plant receives more fuel to grow many colas.

In the same way you might prune any other plant to create more blooms, topping cannabis creates bushier, plentiful flowers.

What Is Topping: Some Like It More Than Others

The very first thing to understand about topping is that some plants like it more than others. Strains that grow quickly are best suited to this technique.

If you’re growing strains that take more time, you won’t see explosive results. Topping may still increase your final yield, however.

What Is Topping: When To Make The Cut

Another topping consideration involves when to make the snip. Cutting your cannabis plant early on provides great control. It can possibly speed up growth overall. Correctly topped plants take up less space because each one yields more cannabis.

You can see why this method is ideal for people with small grow spaces. You can top your plants later in the growth cycle. You will still see results, just not as pronounced as with early cutting.

Your aim is to cut close to but above the plant’s nodes. In turn, these nodes should grow colas of their own.

Topping your plants change their shape significantly. It helps you grow more in tight spaces, get more from fewer plants and end up with more cannabis buds.

What Is Topping: Other Training Methods

Topping isn’t the only cannabis training method. You could likewise employ FIM, SCOG, or SCROG methods. Choosing the right one depends on what you want to get out of your training. It also matters what size space you’re growing in.

Because topping requires minimal equipment and upkeep, it’s perfect for beginners and hobby growers.

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