How To Buy An Enail

If you want to dab cannabis concentrates, you want to aim for temperature consistency. If the temp is too cool your dab won’t get hot enough to turn into vapor. Conversely, if you crank your rig too hot, you’ll sacrifice flavor and may even end up with a nasty burned taste. An easy solution to these problems is to buy an enail and let technology help you achieve the perfect dab temperature.

If you don’t buy an enail, you’re left to struggle with torches and trial and error to lock down the best temperature for dabs. Torches work fine, but they don’t provide a consistent temperature. This can leave beginners frustrated. This is why so many people choose to embrace enail technology. Enails harness electricity to ensure the perfect dab every time, regardless.

Buy An Enail: What Is It?

Generally referred to as “electronic nails,” e-nails have been around for several years now. They appeared soon after the cannabis concentrate scene began taking off. However, prevalence in the scene is spotty since enails used to be very pricey and hard to come by.

The technology behind the electronic nail is simple. They’re governed by a controller box which delivers heat through a loop that connects directly with the nail itself. These boxes take into consideration the goal of temperature control, giving its user the capacity to regulate heat to their apparatus with the touch of a button.

With an e-nail, dabbers can essentially turn the unit on, set a desired temperature, and sit tight for the unit to indicate that it has reached said temperature before dabbing.

Should You Buy An Enail? The Benefits

Aside from offering unprecedented temperature control, e-nails can likewise provide several other benefits. For one, they eliminate relying on butane as fuel for your dabs. Despite the fact that butane is relatively easy to come by, having to consistently keep up a supply isn’t sustainable. At the very least, it’s annoying. Much of the time, access to electricity is significantly easier than running for butane at 10:oo p.m.

E-nails require very little power to operate and can keep going for a considerable length of time, delivering endless dabs in the interim.

Cons And Dangers To Consider Before You Buy An Enail

E-nails are not for everyone, however. Truth be told, there are times when having one isn’t recommended. These units are responsible for harnessing extremely high temperatures, upwards of 1000 degrees F and beyond. Operating an e-nail requires a certain level of responsibility and presence from the user. It isn’t recommended to leave these units on and unaccounted for, especially when around pets, children, or anyone who isn’t comfortable with the technology.

That being said, the live flame from a butane torch isn’t that safe for kids and pets either.

To be safe, don’t use enails around torches or outside with unsafe extension cords or while it’s raining. You know, basic electricity safety stuff.

Can You Buy An Enail That’s Portable?

Movability is another factor to consider when investigating e-nails. While some travel easily, they require electrical outlets (excluding portable vaporizers). In other words, you wouldn’t have any desire to pull one of these out in the woods or at most festivals.

Additionally, in spite of the fact that there has been a noteworthy move toward affordability, owning an e-nail still isn’t very cheap in advance. On the low end, electronic nails sell for around $150 for basic setups. Top of the line enails can easily cost over $700, with premium models reaching into the low $1,000’s. These higher-end models tend to offer greater temperature control and consistency. On the off chance that you can get over the initial overhead, however, these units can save you considerably more money over time in butane cost alone.

Time To Buy an E-Nail?

After weighing the the benefits and drawbacks, the question remains: is an enail the right fit for you? Answering this is a matter of personal preference. The technology is best for anyone who dabs a lot, dabs inside, and plans to keep dabbing for a long time to come.

E-nails are additionally terrific for social dabbers who entertain other dabbers a lot. You can keep the dabs going strong at a supervised station. Even beginners get a chance to try their hand at dabbing this way.

Flavor fans will likewise discover incredible value in the temperature-keeping up consistency of an e-nail. There basically isn’t a better mechanism in existence for ensuring ideal temperatures.

Then again, these nails are not recommended for negligent dabbers, and must be respected and used with caution. E-nails can likewise be expensive in advance and aren’t very portable. In case you’re a novice hoping to get into cannabis concentrates out of the blue, you’ll want to reach for an affordable, basic set up to see if enails are right for you.

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