Cannabis And The Aging Brain

Cannabis And The Aging Brain

This one’s for all the folks out there who believe cannabis makes you stupid. Contrary to common belief, marijuana appears to protect the brain as it ages. As we get older, our brains undergo changes. This leads to diminished capacity from degeneration. Evidence now suggests that cannabis helps protect the brain as we advance.

More research is important to confirm the full effects of cannabis on aging brains. The original findings suggest cannabis may slow natural brain aging and also treat dementia.

Cannabis And The Aging Brain: Oxidation, Myelin, And Neurons

Like the rest of the body, the brain slowly suffers from some wear and tear over time. As a result, cognitive function decreases. Therefore, most people experience memory loss, difficulty learning, and problems focusing as they age. Additionally, conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s cause memory loss and cognitive problems.

No one knows the surefire cause, but there are educated guesses. One hypothesis considers brain deterioration a result of oxidation. As we age, our bodies are much less effective at moving this natural waste product out of our bodies. As it hangs around cells, it slowly damages them.

Oxidation is caused by electron loss and that is a natural process of aging.

Another theory is the fact that glia cells in the brain create less myelin as we grow older. Myelin forms a conduit in the brain through which signals travel. Therefore, reduced myelin function contributes to reduced brain function too.

Neurons also deteriorate as we age. Additionally, this may cause cognitive problems in elderly people.

Cannabis And The Aging Brain: How Does Cannabis Affect Brain Deterioration

Can cannabis reverse these symptoms? Research from Germany and Israel says yes.

Researchers gave several generations of mice cannabis. Thereafter, they studied the effects.

Mice that recieved cannabis performed better on cognitive tests than those given a placebo.

Cannabis And The Aging Brain: Cannabis And Memory

Furthermore, a 2002 study demonstrated that after ingesting oral cannabis, only certain parts of memory were impaired temporarily.

Alternatively, the kind of brain function studied by researchers in the Faculty of Bonn/Hebrew Faculty of Jerusalem study considers the overall performance and power of your brain after receiving cannabis.

Essentially, you might have trouble encoding memories during intoxication. What cannabis is doing for the brain of yours on a physiological level, nonetheless, seems to be advantageous. When you are sober, any negative effects vanish but positive results linger.

Cannabis And The Aging Brain: How Does Cannabis Boost Brain Function?

The scientists hypothesize that because the brain produces less natural cannabinoids as it ages, including some back in creates a measurable boost. THC even appeared to improve brain function in senior mice who were actually somewhat forgetful.

Will cannabis reverse brain aging? To know more, human trials are necessary.

If this investigation is consistent with humans, cannabis may be valued as a remedy for Alzheimer’s and dementia.


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