Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights

Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights

LED, halide, full-spectrum, LEC, fluorescent so many options! Before you are able to make the best choice for your grow operation you should learn a bit about LECs. In reality, you may not have any idea what LEC lights are. Have no fear, by the conclusion of this article you’ll have a much better idea what these ‘new’ lights are all about.

Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights: Explaining LECs

The word LEC stands for Light Emitting Ceramics. Notice that is a great deal like LED, however LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The names of these bulbs describe the technology. Also, you could also pick up the term Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide to describe LECs. LEC lights have an internal arc made of ceramic while traditional halide lamps have bulbs made of quartz.

Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights: They’re Easy To Use

The bulk of LEC set ups have an incorporated ballast so they’re not hard to put in place and run. This is definitely easier than some of the other grow light options.

Additionally, LEC lights would be the closest to sunlight since they give off UV B rays the same as the sunshine. They are all full spectrum by design as well as provide plants with a sunlight source the same as the earth offers.

LECs are natural looking so uou will take pleasure in the natural glow from your LECs in comparison with various other sources of light.

Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights: The Drawbacks

LECs are great but they’re not perfect. For instance, they cost more than LEDs and will burn out a bit faster. They still last longer than other grow lights, but until the cost comes down they’re not the most economical option.

LECs also burn slightly hotter compared to LEDs. They’re still not as hot as other lights, but they throw more heat than LEDs.

Why You Should Grow With LEC Lights: Your Final Choice

The best light source for every grow is personal. The size of your space matters. The way in which you grow is important. Your individual preferences also matter.

If you think LECs are in the running for your perfect grow light, talk to some people who already use them. I’ll add some additional resources for you to dive into at the end of the article as well.

Thankfully, you have some wiggle room with pricing. You’ll find some LECs are more affordable than others and that’s where checking reviews comes in. If you can put a bit of time into your research you’ll pick the best lights for you.

Don’t forget to visit your local grow shop and ask some questions. You don’t have to specify what you’re growing, just describe your budget, your space, and see if they can offer a better deal along with some advice. You’ll even be able to see some of the LEC lights they have in stock in action or at least in person.

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