Grow Marijuana: SOG Method

Grow Marijuana: SOG Method

SOG stands for Sea Of Green growing. Curious about the SOG growing method for cannabis? What does this strange acronym mean and how do you go about growing this way? Let’s go over the basics, explain the method, and tell you why it’s valuable to growers.

SOG Method: Why Is SOG Interesting?

People employ SOG growing because it is an easy way to manipulate the way plants grow. Additionally, plans grown this way experience early flowering moving harvest time up. Unlike some high-stress training methods that require bending or breaking plant stalks, SOG is gentler. This appeals to many growers who are squeamish to damage their plants.

Finally, SOG growing can result in larger yields than letting plants grow on their own.

Although SOG requires a little know-how, it’s still relatively easy to deploy without specialized equipment. This is another reason that both commercial and hobby growers favor this technique.

SOG Method: What Is SOG?

The SOG and SCROG strategies are very different because SCROG requires a screen and physical plant training. This turns some new growers off that method.

Conversely, SOG is all about manipulating the conditions around the plant to prompt early flowering. Because plants flower early, the whole growing process is sped up with SOG.

SOG Method: Tips Before Beginning

You’ll find SOG most effective on strains that grow shorter plants. SOG growers often favor Indica strains over Sativa ones.

Get ready to take notes as you grow so you can change things that need improvement. This is the key to successful growing over time.

SOG Method: Starting To SOG

SOG begins before you place your plants into your grow space, but its good to know what space you will need before you get going. A common rule of thumb for plant placement is to leave 2 square feet of space around each plant. Use this as a guide to figure out if your space is adequate.

SOG Method: Modifying Light With SOG

You’ll deploy SOG on your seedlings first, even if they aren’t in your space yet. Flood these seedlings with 24 hours of light so they grow like mad. When they hit 12 inches or 30 centimeters, you can move them into your space if you haven’t already.

Next, you’ll use a 12 hour light cycle to force early flowering, just like you do with the SCROG method. SOG doesn’t require a screen or any physical plant training, however. The following step is to prune your plants as buds bloom. Remove the lowest branches at this time. This will help the plant focus growth in the right way to generate potent buds.

Finally, grow as normal until you’re happy with your buds and want to harvest.

There are some people who like to prune earlier when plants are as small as 6 inches tall. Others continue to prune as plants grow.

This is why keeping notes will truly help you dial in your technique. It’s also wise to find a growing mentor, whether that is someone you know personally (best) or someone online through a message board or community that is willing to help you.


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