How Is PHO Made

PHO, or perhaps perhaps Propane Hash Oil is a type of cannabis concentrate. Like shatter, and wax, Rosin or BHO, it’s much more effective than smoking cannabis flower since it is more cannabinoid dense.

Essentially, PHO is BHO made with propane rather than BHO which comparatively uses butane. Let’s go over what concentrates are and then explain PHO.

How Is PHO Made: Reviewing Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can be found in a variety of forms, but they’re all a type of extract that results from separating the  powerful essential oils in marijuana from flowers and leaves of the plant. The oils are full of cannabinoids and terpenes. These substances produce effects in the same way medicine has active ingredients.

Terpenes and cannabinoids both hook up with certain receptors in the human brain. The resulting effects range from feeling high to mood stabilization to pain reduction.

Oil (PHO or perhaps perhaps BHO), wax, and shatter are a number of types of cannabis concentrates. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate, but it’s produced by physical and heat extraction so no solvent is involved. PHO and BHO, on the other hand, are made with solvents.

How Is PHO Made: Making PHO With Propane

PHO is made just like BHO is, except propane is used as the solvent in PHO. Conversely, butane is the solvent for BHO. Cannabis flower is added to propane to draw out the terpenes and cannabinoids. The propane is later flushed from the system leaving only the rich essence of cannabis.

The consistency of PHO can be taffy like or even similar to candy that is hard. It is able to be also very liquid like a thick oil. It ranges in color from a full yellow to sappy amber to a good, rich brown. It’s all PHO, however.

Well made PHO will be around eighty  percent stronger than regular cannabis flower. This is one of the reasons that dabbing is more effective than smoking when we measure intensity.

How Is PHO Made: Using PHO

Your usual smoking setup won’t work well with concentrates, although a couple of people do break some up on top of a bowl filled with bud. You are able to get fancy and wrap some around the joints of yours too. That is called twaxing by the way.

It’s a great deal better to buy a vaporizer or even invest in a dab rig specifically for your concentrates.

The dab rig is basically a bong with a slightly different bowl and slide. A small bit of concentrate is added onto a hot protrusion in the bowl known as a nail or banger. It becomes vapor and then you draw that vapor into your lungs.

You will find automated, electricity driven e nails that are pretty fool proof. They tether you to an electrical cord, however. In the event that you’d love to dab totally free form, you are going to need a ceramic, quartz, titanium, or a glass nail that you preheat with a torch. There are advantages and drawbacks to each style nail including different prices.

Vaporizers are slightly bulky electric units that use conduction to heat up the environment around the bud or perhaps perhaps concentrate until vapor appears. You fill a tube or even a bag and inhale from it. E-pens are a portable version.

Some vapes are PHO compatible while others are not so make sure you’re clear on what you’re buying before you jump.

Once you have the right setup, you’ll enjoy a dab of PHO when you need a little something extra.

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