How Is Shatter Made

We believe the simplest way to keep the cannabis concentrates straight is to find out just how they are made. When you do, you will notice that the names describe the texture and usually the way they are made. As you will see, concentrates are super potent forms of weed that do not look anything like the marijuana you’re used to. So, how is shatter made?

Many people call all concentrates wax, or even all oil, but there are some finer differences you might wish to find out.

How Is Shatter Made: What Is Shatter?

Shatter starts out as cannabis flower or perhaps trimmings and ends up like cannabis candy. You can’t eat it (can you eat it? I wouldn’t eat it!) but you can vape it.

Most marijuana concentrates result from flushing cannabis with a solvent. Butane and propane are 2 of the most favored ones. Bubble hash and rosin are exceptions. No chemical solvents are used when bubble hash and rosin are made. It’s also possible to get wax or shatter that was extracted by CO2. Unless you know for sure, it’s safe to assume your shatter was made with propane or butane, however.

Wax, shatter, budder and crumble all start as cannabis oil. This oil could be called BHO if butane is the solvent and PHO if propane was used. You might hear cannabis oil known as honey oil also.

Oil is created by flushing solvent through cannabis because the solvent is going to pick up each of the active compounds in the plant that get you high. If a CBD heavy strain is used, the concentrate might not get you high but is going to treat a range of health conditions.

After extraction, the system purges solvent from the concentrate. By doing this you are not smoking butane.

After purging, the extract sludge is going to cool and the manner in which it cools dictates the texture of the final product. Shatter is candy like because crystals are in a position to develop if the extraction cools with no disturbance.

How Is Shatter Made: Dabbing Shatter

Dabbing with shatter is equivalent to every other concentrate. You need to warm up the shatter to the point that it vaporizes but not torch it completely. You are able to accomplish this in a dab rig, with a spoon pipe in case you are crafty, or perhaps even twax it around a joint.

It is also easy to load your shatter into a wax pen or perhaps turn shatter into vape juice so that you are able to smoke it in a nicotine style vape. If perhaps you have seen pre filled oil cartridges in your local dispensary you’ve an idea how that works.

You are able to find out a lot more about how you can dab from several of the articles about dabbing we have featured here.

How Is Shatter Made: The Last Word On Shatter

And that is the that about shatter. It is only one of many types of cannabis concentrates that are all of the rage since they pack a great deal of energy in a dab.

Lift off and enjoy.

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