How Is Wax Made

How is wax made? This isn’t just a good question if you want to make your own wax. The answer gives a deeper knowledge into what that heady sticky stuff you’re vaping is. So how does wax compare to other cannabis concentrates and how is wax made? We got you, boo.

How Is Wax Made: All About Cannabis Concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is kind of like making tea. You steep a bag of tea in hot water to extract the flavor and maybe a little medicine from the herbs inside. If you next boiled the tea to make a thicker, more concentrated substance, you’d be getting pretty close to how wax is made.

Most concentrates result from either heat and pressure (rosin) or passing through a solvent. Kief and hash are a bit simpler because handling helps separate the resinous parts of the plant from the rest. See, that’s the name of the game. How do you get the parts of the plant with the most resin to separate and release it?

Most wax starts out as either BHO or PHO. H.O. stands for honey oil. The B and the P tell you which solvent. B is for butane and P is for propane. Makes sense, right?

Both butane and propane are appropriate solvents for extricating cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids from weed. Bud and trimmings enter a tube in a closed extraction system. Next the solvent is flushed through them to extract the active compounds. Finally, the solvent is removed through boiling or distillation.

It’s not something you should try at home because both solvents are very flammable. If you want to try making your own cannabis concentrates, try rosin, bubble hash, or kief.

How Is Wax Made: From Honey Oil To Wax

Once you’ve finished that process you have to cool your final result. The way the mix cools affects the texture it ends up. Wax is stretchy and tacky because air gets incorporated while it cools.

How Is Wax Made: Dab That!

Vaping cannabis concentrate is called dabbing. It won’t smoke well in a conventional cannabis pipe but you can add some to a joint or bowl. That’s called twaxing.

Dabbing, however, makes more cannabinoids available than smoking. Since there is already more present in your wax, get ready for quite a ride. Additionally, when you dab at correct temperatures, vaping is safer than smoking.

Remember to keep those temperatures down for the safest, tastiest vape.

How Is Wax Made: Watch A Dab

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a big, fat dab. This might be too fat though!

How Is Wax Made- Question Answered

Cannabis concentrates including wax are an incredible expansion to your high life. You don’t have to choose one or the other, try each type of concentrate and enjoy your joints, bowls, bongs and all the wonderful ways to consume cannabis. Now you even know how wax is made to better understand what you’re taking into your body.

Stay tuned for more information on the different forms of concentrates, coming soon!

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