How To Choose Cannabis Glass

How To Choose Cannabis Glass

If you came here because you just shattered your favorite piece, RIP, fam. There is really nothing worse than that. Except, maybe, running your bag through the laundry or something.

Wow, this got dark really fast. Sorry about that!

We just want to give you some tips about choosing the best pipe, bong or bubbler and getting a great deal!

How To Choose Cannabis Glass: The Bowl Itself

The best bowls are slightly shallow and wide. This lets your bud burn really evenly. Additionally, it avoids the curse of dank weed: an ashed top with bits of green on the bottom. While you can fix this by stirring your bowl as you burn, nobody wants to do that. After all, the thing is on fire half the time.

If you’re looking at the piece in person, you can use your thumb as a guide to see how weed will sit in the bowl itself.

How To Choose Cannabis Glass: Where Is The Choke?

Some pieces are right or left handed and this can become an issue. Make a note of where the choke is on the piece you’re considering. Will it be comfortable to hold and use?

Furthermore, how is the weight? Does it sit on the table without rolling around? We love a good discount piece from the bottom shelf, but sometimes these end up rolling all over the place and breaking.

Overall, how does it look? Is it comfortable to hold? These things will matter.

How To Choose Cannabis Glass: Pipe Style

Do you want a bong or a bubbler? How much room do you have to store this thing? If you’re often on the go, a chillum style might be best for you, but do you like those? We’re a split group on them here.

These days there are even glass blunts to choose from. These are absolutely awesome when they work right but they require constant cleaning and can ruin A LOT of weed if they stop working correctly after you pack it.

How To Choose Cannabis Glass: Avoid Too Much Novelty

Picking up that pink spoon pipe for your girlfriend? Make sure you look it over well. I once accidentally bought one with Tweety Bird on it. Let my lesson keep you from repeating this mistake.

The same rule goes for pipes shaped like elephants or that sit upside down on legs of some sort. They look amazing but they’re mostly impractical to actually use. If you already have a simple standby pipe, go for it. If you expect to comfortably use this every day for the rest of your life, reach for something else.

How To Choose Cannabis Glass: When To Pay More

If you want to support your local glass blower, paying more is awesome. You’ll have a one of a kind piece that you can treasure and you helped an artist get that coin. Otherwise, shopping online or reaching for a pipe that has a small flaw can net you major savings.

My favorite bong of life was $9 online. She’s still cooking, nice and squat, and easy to store. Her neck is a little less than straight but it’s impossible to tell and my friends and I love her dearly.

She’s also easy to clean.

As far as this goes, don’t discount things like steamrollers which simply don’t get the appreciation they should. Sometimes you can save just by taking a repeatedly overlooked piece off the shop’s shelf.

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