How To Smoke Cannabis In 420 Friendly Hotels

How To Smoke Cannabis In 420 Friendly Hotels

If you’d like to take advantage of the legalization trend sweeping the US, now is the time. We get closer every day to a fully legalized nation that accepts cannabis. For now, many states around the union let you puff tough. Several of those also have a bustling cannabis tourism economy.

A huge part of that economy is cannabis friendly hotels. These hotels let you possess and often use cannabis on their premises. There are many subtle rules to consider, however. If you don’t understand how this works, you could still land yourself in trouble.

Just because you won’t get arrested doesn’t mean you won’t incur a hefty fine for burning one in your room.

420 Friendly Hotels: Rules Of The Road

Obviously, the first thing you must do is make sure pot is legal where you’re going. Once that’s established, what are the rules at the hotel you’ve chosen?

It’s a great idea to figure this out before you book. The reason is that some hotels in legalized areas will let you have cannabis on their premises, but not use it. Others allow cannabis use only in designated areas. This could be a lounge or lobby.

Others only let you puff outside.

When you talk about things like Air BNB, you have to realize that some rooms in legal areas still prohibit possession and use on their premises. It’s important to ask if you intend to smoke while you’re there.

Sites like The Travel Joint and Bud and Breakfast are tailored to you and your needs. Feel free to check them out!

420 Friendly Hotels: Non-Smoking Rooms

Newsflash, 420 fans: nonsmoking rooms mean cannabis too. Can you vape in those rooms? You have to ask! Many establishments that cater to the cannabis tourism crowd are used to these questions and ready to answer them.

If you absolutely cannot use cannabis inside any rooms in the hotel, ask about smoking and vaping areas nearby.

420 Friendly Hotels: Bars And Lounges

If your hotel is not down with the green goblin, are there cannabis clubs nearby? You can ask the staff, or consult websites like Leafly and 420 Cannabis Tours.

Try searching for cannabis tourism near me on Google to see what attractions are available.

420 Friendly Hotels: Risks

It’s worth stating again that if you fail to follow these rules you could face fines. Also, some areas with a bustling cannabis scene aren’t truly legal spots. If cannabis is decriminalized where you’re traveling, you could still get in trouble if you cause problems and are using cannabis. Just like public intoxication laws, law enforcement can choose when to enforce and when to turn a blind eye to your activities.

Always be polite and friendly with hotel staff. Remember that they’re not trying to ruin your day and you are not entitled to blaze where you please. It’s cool to follow the rules when it paints a positive picture of potheads everywhere.

You’re kind of representing all of us, in a way. We’re each ambassadors of the Ganja Goddess.


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