Teach Me About The Cannabis Cola

Teach Me About The Cannabis Cola

You may think your marijuana knowledge is sufficient, but what about cannabis anatomy? You may know you love cannabis and how to tell a good batch from a bad. Maybe you even know how to grow high quality plants. Be honest, do you really know as much as you could about which parts are which?

This may not be essential weed knowledge, but why not expand your background on one of your favorite plants? We’re here to make it as simple as possible, and we’re focused on the cola.

You’ll soon see why. It’s the most exciting part of the plant for most of us.

Cannabis Cola: What Is It?

Any location where a flower develops on the cannabis plant is a cola. This term is most often used to refer to the dominant cola on a plant, but every flower cluster is actually a cola in its own right. These bloom clusters, also called buds, appear on female plants only. Males produce different flowers, but we’ll talk about that more below.

The cola rises majestically out of the middle top of the plant’s stalk and may be composed of smaller clusters of flowers sometimes called popcorn buds.

Colas grow vertically to help the plant harvest the sun it needs to develop.

While you are able to smoke other areas of the marijuana plant, colas end up in the head stash. These dense floral formations bring a lot of money from consumers. They’re extremely striking to behold as well.

Cannabis Cola: What’s Dominance Got To Do With It?

Cannabis plants naturally form a dominant cola which makes the best use of the resources the plant consumes. Naturally, growers sought techniques over time to train cannabis plants to create several impressive colas.

Those fortunate enough to encourage multiple cola generation increase their profit margin substantially. Methods like the FIM technique coax multiple colas from cannabis.


Cannabis Cola: Breaking Down The Cannabis Cola

As referenced above, the cola consists of smaller regions of the cannabis plant. While they’re all considered a part of the flower, they are well worth understanding specifically.

Cannabis Cola: Calyxes

Calyxes are the component of the cannabis flower that protects the reproductive organs of the plant. You might hear them called sepals.

Cannabis Cola: Sugar Leaves

These tiny leaves cluster around the calyx. So named because they glisten with little crystals of resin that look like grains of sugar.

Cannabis Cola: Pistils

Pistils are long hair like protrusions on the plant which are actually the plant’s reproductive organs.

Cannabis Cola: Trichomes

Trichomes are glads that secret resin. Since this sticky resin protects the plant from predators in the outdoors, it is an evolutionary wonder. The greatest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes exist in the resin so it’s probably the most powerful part of the plant.

In reality, cannabis concentrates are all about extracting cannabinoids including THC and terpenes and CBD from the trichomes. The terpenes are flavor compounds in each strain producing distinct aromas, tastes, as well as sensations.

Cannabis Cola: Male vs Female Cannabis

You most likely know that female cannabis plants make the big buds you know and love. While male plants also flower, they are very different from their female kin. Male flowers appear in small dangling blossoms that some describe as tulip like in appearance. Ultimately, these blossoms open and release the pollen needed to fertilize nearby female plants.

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