What Is The Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis?

What Is The Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis?

Vape temperatures are important for several reasons. Because temperature affects potency, safety, and flavor, it pays to figure out the point where all these join. We discuss this today and look (critically) at the information available from research on the topic.

You’ll leave this 5 minute read with an understanding of why vape temperature matters, what exactly vaping is in the first place, and what the best temperatures are. For instance, CBD and THC both have different ideal temps.

Without further delay, let’s heat things up.

Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis: How Does Vaping Work?

The term vaping refers to breathing in the active compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) from cannabis after heating them until they turn into vapor. You create this vapor after warming cannabis to a temperature that releases cannabinoids but isn’t hot enough to burn.

Many individuals vaporize marijuana flower itself in electric vaporizers. These vaporizers can be large for at home use or portable. It is also popular to’ dab’ concentrates made of refined cannabis in a dab rig. This is a pipe specifically formulated for concentrates.

Likewise, there are portable dab pens, sometimes called wax pens, that let you vape concentrates on the go.

Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis: What’s The Magic Number?

The best vape temperature to aim for is somewhere in the 175 – 200°C (347 – 392°F) range. This number comes to us from a doctor named Ian Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell from British Columbia.

Let’s unpack that number a little for more clarity.

Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis: The Effect Different Temperatures Have On Vaping

If a user vaporizes cannabis below 180°C (356°F), they’ll mainly inhale terpenes because cannabinoids require a lot more heat to vaporize. Terps are lovely and do create some effects, but cannabinoids are what you’re really after here.

Higher temperatures will likely yield a good deal more cannabinoids, but obliterate those tasty terpenes. Obviously, you want to find somewhere that you can comfortably appreciate both aspects of cannabis.

The vaping points of THC and CBD are only 10°C (18°F) apart and most vaporizers don’t provide that level of accuracy. Shoot for a temperature close to 210°C (410°F) to truly feel both cannabinoids.

Best Vape Temperature For Cannabis: The Danger Zone

It’s actually dangerous to vape above 235°C (455°F). At this temperature, the concentrate burns. This tastes lousy and isn’t good for your health, either.

Researches assert that the degradation of terpenes during vaping creates carcinogens. This is alarming, but there is something important to note about this study. It references ‘toxic’ levels of THC in concentrates. This is something that vapers know isn’t true.

Does this mean we can’t believe anything in the study? You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

The bottom line is that dabbing between 175 – 200°C (347 – 392°F)  is considered safe and nets you the best flavor and potency experience.

If you don’t use a vape with onboard temperature control, make that your next ‘from you, to you’ gift. You deserve the best vape possible.

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