Romantic Gifts For Stoner Girls

Romantic Gifts For Stoner Girls

Valentine’s Day is here my friends and if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter, you need to come up with a gift. Like, right now.

Furthermore, most of the gifts you can easily grab right now look last minute. Granted, if your partner is super cool, they won’t mind. But if you need or just want something special that shows how much you know and love them, look no further.

In a few minutes, you can twist something up that is a real show stopper. You can think outside the box and go grab some last minute presents that look like they’re super thoughtful, too.

Let’s unpack these stoner gift ideas.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: A Stoney Night In

Grab take out from their favorite restaurant, pick up or download their favorite movie, and get some candles and flowers. Now, make sure their favorite strain is packed or twisted into something pretty. When your loved one arrives, offer to draw them a bath and puff one down.

Although these are all simple acts, they feel like a lot of pampering and make things all about them. It won’t feel as last minute because it’s about an experience.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: Infused Candies

Regular candy is so last lifetime. Give your lovebird a little something with a lift. You get bonus points if you can find them in heart or flower shapes.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: Rose Blunts

This is great in combination with the previous idea or all on its own. Make a rose joint or blunt.

Dry several rose petals by popping them onto a baking sheet and into a hot oven for a few seconds. Don’t get lazy or you’ll dry them too much. Even worse, you could burn them.

Now remove the petals, select two, and stick them together so they form a cup. The petals have a natural curve. Follow that, don’t work against it.

Pop back into the oven for a few more seconds and remove.

Once they’re cool again, load and start rolling your joint. Seal it up with a good lick, put it back on the tray and pop back into the oven for a few final seconds. The goal here is to set the joint and dry it enough to be able to burn it.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: New Glass

If you ask us, new glass is always impressive. Run down to the nearest headshop and pick up something special. Wrap it up or hide it somewhere and let your SO find it. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: Loads Of Wraps

Know their favorite wrap? Get a stupid amount of them. Volume is important here, unless you combine them with some of the other ideas we’ve already mentioned. Can you get the shop to sell you a whole case? That makes a statement.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: A Special Strain

Jump in the car, ride to the dispensary and grab their favorite strain. Pack it in the new piece you picked up and fire up a few candles along with the green. You’re golden.

Romantic Gifts For Stoner: This Month’s On You

If you can’t swing enough of these to make it count, pick up something small and add a nice, future bonus. You’ll cover all their smoke costs for the next 30 days. It might hurt a bit financially, but you’re the one who forgot this was coming.

You kinda deserve it.

Happy loving, lovers!

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