Teach Me About Terp Juice

Teach Me About Terp Juice

Want to know more about terp juice? This is a real up and coming cannabis product that isn’t just for the major cannabis enthusiast. Terp juice enhances the flavor of your dabs. It’s an easy and amazing way to pump up the taste factor when you take your marijuana.

There may be risks with adding terps, and we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Teach Me About Terp Juice: Is Terp Juice A Cannabis Concentrate?

As we already know, cannabis concentrates are effective, refined forms of the parts of the marijuana plant that produce psychological or physical effects.

Concentrates are made with pressure and heat (rosin and hash) or otherwise with a solvent. Both methods remove the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis so you can use them all by themselves.

The solvent used to make concentrates in the BHO family is butane. PHO is made with propane, however.

Because terps degrade quickly, some people love to add some to their dabs. Terp juice is harvested from cannabis or other plants such as lemons, mangos, and conifer trees.

Terps are extracted from cannabis so they are a type of cannabis concentrate. They aren’t full of cannabinoids, however, so you won’t feel a pronounced effect.

Teach Me About Terp Juice: What’s A Terp?

The terp in terp juice stands for terpene. Terpenes are compounds in cannabis resin unique to each particular strain. Terpenes affect the scent and taste of the strain and may affect THC potency.

The way in which some terpenes interact with the mind will help the uptake of THC and therefore improves the high. Science is still investigating the synergistic effects of terpenes and THC but it’s interesting.

The benefits may include medicinal effects that help us understand how cannabis heals.

Terpene juice, by extension, is a concentrate that is practically straight terpenes. It is prized as flavorful cannabis experience that dazzles the senses.

Terps are available in a great number of diverse flavors and come from a number of different kinds of plants.

Teach Me About Terp Juice: Terps From Cannabis

While some terp juice is made from other plants some terp juice is all cannabis. New cut or perhaps perhaps flash frozen flower is used to make terp juice to have the ability to draw out those terps before they start degrading. This’s often done the exact same way BHO is made.

There are many risks to adding terps, however. This’s seldom talked about and while it may be a bummer, it’s crucial to read about the potential bad effects. This will help you understand if terp juice is right for you.

As we just mentioned, it’s difficult to discover exactly where your terps came from. Sometimes terps are harvested from other plants, since cannabis is not the sole plant containing terpenes. Regardless of where your terps came from, vaping them at certain temperatures might not be safe. Learn more about the safety of adding terps by following this link.

Both freezing and using fresh cuttings preserve the integrity of the valuable terpenes and create a flavor packed smoking or  vaping experience.



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